Painted Book Sculptures byMike Stilkey, “Full of Smiles and Soft Attentions”

LA-based artist Mike Stilkey creates whimsical painted sculptures out of stacked books. Mike has always been attracted to painting and drawing not only on vintage paper, record covers and book pages, but on the books themselves. Using a mix of ink, colored pencil, paint and lacquer, Stilkey depicts a melancholic and at times a whimsical cast of characters inhabiting ambiguous spaces and narratives of fantasy and fairy tales. A lingering sense of loss and longing hints at emotional depth and draws the viewer into their introspective thrall with a mixture of capricious poetry, wit, and mystery. His work is reminiscent of Weimar-era German expressionism and his style has been described by some as capturing features of artists ranging from Edward Gorey to Egon Schiele.







American soldiers teasing children for water in Afghanistan

This is physically painful to watch. How sick do you have to be to drive around a ravaged Afghan city in a tank and tease these little babies for water? Americans truly have no shame. Not only do they invade our country and kill our people, but they flaunt their disrespect towards Afghans with pride by filming these videos and releasing them. 

So next time your nationalistic biased self has the audacity to say “support our troops”, realize exactly what you are supporting. They’ve also released videos and pictures peeing on corpses and playing with detached limbs and heads of Afghans they have killed. These people have no humanity and no shame, they dehumanize so many people, congrats this is what your tax dollars pay for.


It kills me how the kids speed up whenever the water bottle is more in sight. They’re already thirsty and they’re making them run while they sit in a tank, drinking out of water bottles and asking for our support. I’ve always been for supporting the people who put their lives in danger for wars this country decides to fight but how can you support them as a whole when you see things like this and they’re not outraged about it.

I agree, what some people do is an atrocity that cannot be forgiven by people like us. However, it angers me when people say not to support the troops. I personally am against violence because to me life is what I hold in the highest regard. For people to put there lives on the line for the ideals of our country means more than words can describe. I have close friends in the military, and I know the kind of people they are. To say they would do atrocities such as these appalls me. I agree there needs to be punishment for acts such as these. But please do not condemn everyone, because believe it or not, there are people in our troops who want to make the world a safer place for us, who want to help others. I may not agree with the way they are doing it, but I cannot believe everyone commits evils such as these. Orders are one thing, these acts are another. You don’t condemn the whole body because one has cancer, you condemn the cells that have cancer.

Family dinner

My family is going toSeasons and my mom said I wasn’t wearing “fancy” enough clothing. So I went to my room and changed and came back with my winter jacket, which you could use to stay warm in Antarctica, and my mom asked why I was wearing it. To which I responded, “I didn’t know how many seasons to dress for, is this the wrong one? I think I’m winter fancy…I’m so fancy…but you already know.”